Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Maze

Electronic PCB Maze:

The Electronic PCB (Printed Circuit Board) Maze. This maze is created with the inspiration and intent from those old printed circuit boards that were the main avenue to process information before the microchip took over and made them, oh, so much smaller. The drill holes along the dark areas was used as a way of using less material in the manufacturing process and also as a way to fasten it to the inside of the main hull of the device. And they look pretty cool, I guess these might fall in the category of Gas-Punk, since they are a total over done 80's blast back. As with all mazes, this one has an entrance and and exit, both marked by arrows. Find the path between them without crossing over any of the black and you are ready for your future, and by that I mean the next maze....

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